As part of its GSA Schedules streamlining effort, GSA leaders are considering aligning more specific offerings by North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code.  The reasoning behind this is that NAICS are more widely used and understood than ScheduleSpecial Item Numbers (SINS) and that federal customers search by NAICS codes now, even for Schedule buys, instead of trying to learn the specialized SIN taxonomy.  Final decisions are very far from being made, but contractors should definitely weigh in with GSA officials on their views of this approach to the re-organization of Schedule contracts.  One approach being considered now, is creation of “THE” GSA Schedules program and organize subcomponents in a more logical, easier to find, manner.  As such, if NAICS codes aren’t the best way forward, alternative suggestions will have to address how the agency can solve the organization conundrum. This is just one part of a broader ranging Schedules reorganization project.  The agency is seeking input from all stakeholders and will likely formally seek industry input in the future.  In the meantime, just with business development, the earlier you can be involved in the process, the more likely industry is to shape the program in positive ways.  Make sure your voice is heard.  In the meantime, Allen Federal also wants your feedback on this issue.  Please e-mail us with your thoughts at