The federal market is usually not the place for a company to make an “overnight” killing.  Developing relationships and navigating the federal business cycle takes time.  This time of year is a great window during which you can build relationships as many feds are out and about at conferences or other events.  The connection you make now, though, won’t likely lead to business by Christmas.  A patient approach with a few, specific targets is an established best practice among successful contractors.  Yet, we still frequently see newer market entries insist that every federal agency must be in love with their solution and try to prove it by reaching out everywhere at once.  This is a recipe for frustration.  Our experience at Allen Federal is actually that most new market entries benefit tremendously by allying themselves with experienced contractors with which they can team.  These relationships can actually be more beneficial than federal contacts, at least until you’re established.  We have 27 years of experience in this market but, hey, you don’t have to listen.  Your business shotgun is bound to hit something.  Make sure you’re aiming it in the right direction, though.