As companies gear up to seriously pursue business in the remaining 2017 Fiscal Year, here are three reminders gleaned from our recent conversations:

1. Don’t be something you’re not:  We learned this from a stunt man acquaintance (Allen Federal does get around).  His example is never to tell a director you’ve flipped a truck if you haven’t.  The results could be disastrous for all.  In contracting, promising and then not being able to deliver damages your client relationship and your image.  Just like Hollywood, federal contracting is a small arena.  Word will get around that you can’t be trusted.

2. Your business is done in a political environment.  Most federal business already has more than one “customer” to begin with, what with CO’s, COR’s, and actual end-users. Larger projects can add senior agency and IG oversight and maybe even GAO or Congressional interest.  If your company doesn’t know what this part of the government can do to or for you, it should.

3. The last six months of the year is when most of the business will get done:  With a CR and uncertain funding, the last 6 months of the 2017 year will be hectic and pressurized.  Just like the Kentucky Derby, load your horses in the gate now so you’ll be ready to race when the starting gun goes off.