While we likely won’t know for several months who President-elect Trump will officially nominate for contracts-related posts like GSA Administrator and head of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, speculation and discussions have already begun on the types of people who could fill these key roles.  A real estate industry veteran may be the most likely choice for GSA, especially given the relative size of the Public Buildings Service to the Federal Acquisition Service.  Consider, too, that the President-elect is a New York real estate person himself.  It wouldn’t be too surprising if he picked someone from this world.  The Federal Acquisition Service could be left to operate on its own if the agency’s emphasis shifts even more to real estate issues.  It’s too early to say what a new GSA leadership regime might want to do with FAS.  Traditionally, the Commissioner’s role has been filled by a careerist, currently Tom Sharpe.  Whether this position flips to an appointee or the Administration has other ideas remains to be seen.  Look for an announcement on OFPP to come in late winter/early spring and a GSA nomination to soon follow.  It could be July or later, though, before we have full time people in each of those positions.