The General Services Administration intends to keep its IT 70 Multiple Award Schedule at the forefront of cyber solutions contracts.  To do that it is issuing an RFI, perhaps as early as today, proposing to add new Special Item Numbers (SINs) that will provide customers with faster access to a broader variety of CDM solutions.  GSA and DHS already have a number of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) in place for CDM, but customers have told both agencies that they need faster access to better solutions to keep pace with outside changes.  The new SIN’s would allow customers to buy directly from Schedule contractors without going through the BPA’s.  The agency is particularly looking for cutting edge cyber technology that may have been originally developed for use in the banking industry, one of the leading industry segments in developing new cyber tools.  GSA is seeking comments on the proposed SIN structure and plans to hold at least one industry day.  Contractors should definitely plan to weigh in.  If all goes to plan, GSA expects to have the new SIN’s operational this summer.