Todd Richards, Valerie Bindell and two other OASIS veterans are moving out to GSA’s FEDSIM organization and new people are moving in to manage GSA’s large professional services GWAC on a day-to-day basis.  Alexandra Rouse and Sheila Morrison will now be the main points of contact for program management and contracting, respectively.   While the changes, announced by Professional Services Category Manager Tiffany Hixson late last week, may have been a surprise, GSA leaders state that the changes are a normal transition.  OASIS drove $1 billion in business during FY’16 according to Federal Procurement Data System information.  It will continue to offer a broad range of solutions and also retains its ability to be used for cost-plus work.   It is notable, however, that GSA’s professional service schedules continue to drive more business.  While much of the FPDS reporting is still done on an individual contract basis, such as MOBIS, Logworld, etc.,  a conservative estimate is that service schedule contracts accounted for over $3 billion in FY’16.  Assuring proper management of each program is key to success, a factor that Hixson seems to have in mind.