With less than two months remaining in the fiscal year your company’s business activity should be in the fast lane.  Here are three things to focus on now that we’re nearing the finish line:

1.  How Can Your Customer Get To You Quickly? Your customer has a lot to do and not much time to get it done.  How easy can you make it to do business with your company?  Do you have a one-page guide on how to buy from the GSA Schedules program or other IDIQ contract?  Don’t assume your customer knows how easy this can be.  Also, do you or a team member have a small business designation?  Depending on the type of designation and dollars in play, this could be a great avenue to quickly complete business.  Do you have extended hours?  Feds may be putting in OT to get their work done, make sure you’re there to answer the phone.

2.  Adopt a David Letterman Approach.  This is a great time of year to maintain your own “top 10” list of prospective buyers.  Yes, your pipeline is likely larger than this, but what are your top 10 best prospects?  Who is working on them? When was the last time they were in contact with the buyer?  By when do you intend to close this business?

3.  Work With Customers To Start Projects This FY.  As with last year, FY’18 will start under a Continuing Resolution that could last for months.  Getting a project started now will enable you and the customer to keep going under a CR, rather than have to wait for Congress for formal appropriations.  Even a small start will enable a continuance.  This year’s fiscal year end promises to be bigger and more active than recent history.  Be prepared.