With the nomination announcement of Emily Murphy to be the next administrator of the General Services Administration, the government’s main buying organization is getting closer to operating at full speed.  Although Murphy’s heart lies with improving acquisition inside the Federal Acquisition Service, reality will likely mandate that she spend her time on public building issues, especially those raised by Congress.  Public building issues traditionally are predominant inside GSA, even without high-profile deals like the FBI headquarters move.  That could make it difficult for FAS contractors to get significant time with Murphy.   When she does have time, the top FAS issues on her plate may be working to integrate commercial e-commerce technologies into the GSA Advantage platform and deciding what to do with the Schedules Transactional Data Rule pilot program.  Murphy may also be a bit skeptical of some Category Management initiatives, given her background on the staff of the House Small Business Committee.  CM is seen by many small businesses as a threat to their federal operations.  The best-case scenario is that Murphy could be in the GSA position by the end of the calendar year.  Be prepared, though, for holds and other delays.