The House of Representatives passed a catch-all appropriations measure last that would fully fund all federal agencies for the entire 2018 fiscal year.  The measure includes even more defense funding than President Trump had asked for, including funds for readiness, personnel, and acquisition.  NASA, NIH, and some law enforcement programs would also see a boost.  While the bill cuts foreign aid, family planning, and climate change funds, in most cases the cuts are not as deep as the Administration had wanted.  If passed by the Senate, unlikely in its current form, there would be no need for a Continuing Resolution to fund agencies starting October 1st.  DOD leadership and others have decried CR’s as being too expensive and harming military readiness.  The House’s action seems to be in part a response to such criticism.  It is barely possible that the Senate could take up the House bill, make changes to it, and then have Congress prepare a final measure for the President by the end of the current fiscal year. A long shot to be sure, but it is a positive step that so much has been done by this time so that any CR could be only two or so months.  Just in case, a CR is ready that will fund all government operations through December 8th.  Contractors should stay tuned.