There are four months left in the FY’18 Fiscal Year.  Plenty of time to identify, pursue, and close business.  These three steps can help position you for maximum success:  1.  Cast a Wide Net:  Now is the time to fill your pipeline with verifiable, actionable opportunities.  Later on your company may need to become more narrowly focused on projects you have a clear shot at winning.  Now’s the time, though, to identify and vet the possibilities.  2.  Tune Up Your Contracts Now:  Make sure you’ve got that new product or service added to your Schedule or other IDIQ contract right now.  Don’t wait till August when the customer “has” to have it.  You’ll have it for them in time, but only if you act now.  3.  Sync Marketing With Sales:  Spreading your company’s message in the market is most effective when that message is tied to what your sales team is proposing to prospective customers.  This sounds obvious, but experience tells us otherwise.  Generic marketing campaigns do little to help move the sales needle.  Make sure your message is clear and consistent across your sales and marketing teams.  As always, staying focused is a core requirement.  Following these three steps with the focus and determination puts your company in a great position for year-end business.