The Technology Modernization Fund would be funded at its originally-anticipated $250 million level per House Appropriations Committee’s action this week.  The Fund, which recently made its first three awards, was funded at only $100 million for the current fiscal year.  The Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture collectively received $45 million of that amount earlier this month, with each receiving at least $10 million.  Contractors and other federal agencies are closely scrutinizing those awards for clues as to what projects that the Technology Modernization Board overseeing the disbursement of the funds might approve in the future.  In addition, the Board has posted extensive guidelines on how agencies can apply. Contractors interested in helping customer agencies apply for Fund money should definitely be familiar with these steps.  Funds can go toward any qualifying new IT project that modernizes outdated infrastructure.  It is important to remember that all fund money must be repaid by agencies that use the funds.  As such, while the Fund may not have a sizeable amount of money to invest, it will be a perpetual source of seed money.  IT contractors should definitely consider this funding source when talking to customers about new IT solutions.