With three weeks to go in the fiscal year, companies are highly focused on closing last-minute deals to meet or exceed revenue numbers.  There is plenty left on the table to get, too.  Presumably, however, your firm would like to keep the money it is making this month and not give some of it back to the government in the form of fines.  We all need sales people to be successful, but they’re knowledge of federal contract rules may not be what yours is.  Make sure that the deals they’re offering prospective clients aren’t putting your company at risk.  Pricing and country of origin issues are obvious risk areas, but so too are things like contract scope and size status.  “Teaming agreements” with companies you’ve never previously done business with are a risk, as well, especially if they’re offering large potential returns.  Importantly, “The customer told me I could” is also not an effective defense to combat an allegation of non-compliance.  Assigning an extra set of eyes on last-minute deals does not have to slow down the business process significantly and can be a best practice.  Remember, in the government market it is not about how much money you make.  It’s about how much money you keep.  Compliant business, especially at year end, ensures that you keep the money you worked hard for.