Did you know that over 1,000 contract clauses may be in use across the Multiple Award Schedules program?  Multiple versions of specific clauses abound.  These are prime reasons why the agency is seeking to consolidate and standardize the terms and conditions that governSchedule contracts.  The initiative is definitely well-intended.  Who wouldn’t want contract terms that are more straightforward and easy to understand?  Well, possibly your company.  If your company has negotiated specialized terms that make it easier for you to comply with Schedule requirements, you need to participate in the GSA MAS reform project to ensure that you protect critical terms in your current contracts.  Companies often have precise definitions of what constitutes the triggering of the Price Reductions Clause.  Others have negotiated special Economic Price Adjustment terms.  Virtually every company has a minimum order provision, something that may go away.  All of these could be at risk – either directly or inadvertently – from GSA’s reform efforts.  Your company worked hard to get these special terms.  You presumably do not want to sign them away via a mass modification you might know nothing about and that GSA says you “must” sign.  This is definitely time to pay attention and make sure your voice is heard.  No company wants a “simplification” that actually makes their contracting life more difficult.