Be honest.  Try as you might, you don’t always follow through with prospective customers, whether feds or partners.  You always intend to follow through, but a host of new priorities, distractions, or just life itself gets in the way.  While this happens to everyone now and then, if you find it happening regularly, that’s a sign that you’re way over committed.  Failure to follow through leaves your prospective customer or team member hanging and, while your first impression may have been good, what they’ll remember is that you dropped out of site just when they were expecting follow up information.  Not following up brands you, and potentially your company, as being someone or something that customers and team members may not be able to trust.  Needless to say, this is not a recipe for federal business success.  What to do?  Absolutely resist the urge to be everywhere at once.  Successful companies focus on a few clients at a time.  Take on only the opportunities that you can truly handle.  It’s better to hit two long shots to the green and make par than to record a snowman (an “8” for you non-golfers).  Also, remember that just because it took a federal contact weeks to get back to you, they expect you to get back to them in days.  Anyone who’s been or had a teenager knows the mantra, “Life isn’t fair”.  You’ll hit more of what you’re aiming at if you follow through.