We normally use this space to provide multiple tips on business development steps your company can take now.  Today, we’re recommending that your company do ONE thing that can help protect a portion of your business for years to come.  That action is to comment on GSA’s RFI featuring draft terms and conditions for its Consolidated Schedules solicitation expected later this year.  From our experience in the association world, getting companies to comment is worse than pulling teeth.  Yet, it is absolutely essential in this case.  The changes GSA is contemplating WILL change the foundation of your Schedule contract.  The changes will impact not only how you sell through the contract moving forward, but what you will have to comply with and how. Need more proof?  The consolidation process will almost certainly wipe out any special terms and conditions your company has negotiated into your current contract – if you are not careful.  Make sure that GSA knows how important those terms are to your firm and that you expect to be able to maintain those terms regardless of the overall impact of the consolidation effort.  Taking the time now to submit comments lets GSA know that you care about your Schedule relationship and what you think is important to ensure the success of the program moving forward.  When an agency seeks comment, they really expect it back.  The fewer the comments, the more the agency expects its proceeding as it should, meaning that a rude awakening could be in store for your company if you ignore the comment process and end up with terms you can’t live with.  Comments are due to the agency July 5th, so there’s plenty of time.  Follow the link here for more information: