GSA would be required to pilot test all three types of commercial e-commerce systems under an amendment offered to the FY’20 Senate National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by Senator Sunny Perdue (R-GA).  The agency is currently planning to test only the e-marketplace model during its initial pilot program, to the exclusion of e-commerce and e-procurement companies.  The agency had been expected to release a draft RFP for the e-marketplace model any day now. It is uncertain whether the amendment, which would not take effect for months even if adopted, might impact that timeline.  Several industry groups had expressed concern that GSA was limiting the pilot to one model and apparently got the attention of Senator Perdue.  Another Perdue amendment would also prohibit an e-commerce provider from selling its own items, or those of a subsidiary, via their own e-commerce portal through the GSA program.  This amendment is a clear shot at Amazon, a company known for developing private label products that compete with popular sellers on its own web-site.  Floor amendments, such as these, face uncertain prospects. On one hand they could be included in a “manager’s package” of amendments and be voted in.  On the other, they could be ruled out of order or simply not adopted.  If adopted by the Senate, they would have to be approved in a conference committee with the House as the House version of the FY’20 NDAA does not contain similar provisions.  A final NDAA may not be voted on until September.  Stay tuned.