What if your company could hire trained workers from different parts of the country and not have to have them all move to the DC area or pay DC area wages?  That may be one benefit of the post-COVID-19 workforce according some federal and industry executives.  “… I can have remote workers, they don’t have to be in D.C., so I can bring real talented folks into work with us, they can be living in upstate New York, anywhere … rather than hire 50 people in D.C., I can hire 50 people across the country,” said  Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Christopher Krebs at a recent event.  It’s not only cyber-jobs, though, many different types of non-classified work can be performed by qualified people regardless of physical location.  We know of one firm who has an employee who literally travels the world, but is plugged into the company network during US east coast work hours.  So long as there are clear goals, expectations, and an internet connection, employees may seldom have to come to the “mother ship” or meet in-person with clients.  Contractors may want to expand their hiring horizons in anticipation of initiatives by either government agencies or other companies.  Virtual work-forces pose challenges, like ensuring your own network security, but could also give you a capability and pricing advantage