GSA professional services officials have a lot to say when it comes to how federal customers use their two main contract tools:  The OASIS GWAC and Professional Services Schedule. The information and insights are useful even for experienced contractors.   This part of GSA has embarked on a substantial project to look at potential markets, customer agency pipelines, and certain types of demographic information on customers.  All of this would have been unheard of just a few years back.  The information is intended to make it easier for GSA to serve its customers, but also helps contractors who know how read through the information.  Here are just some of the take-aways companies wanting to make better use of their GSA Professional Services Schedule may want to consider:

  • Focus on top user agencies such as HHS, Army, Air Force and DHS
  • Seek to team or partner with small firms since 44% of all obligated dollars go to small businesses
  • Maintain/develop good relationships with GSA Assisted Acquisition Service organizations since many customer agencies make use of these services
  • Keep track of new agencies GSA is developing stronger relationships with, such as NASA

GSA is also working on a follow-on to OASIS and will seek to engage industry early and often.  Though few details are available now, agency leaders are taking a wide look at what a new services contract could look like.

In the meantime, the agency has an on-line Awards Exploration Tool that, among other things, tracks expiring task orders on OASIS and the Professional Services Schedule that could lead to future business.  Check that out here:  The bottom line is that if you haven’t heard a GSA professional speak lately, you could be missing out on tools to help your business.