There are just over three weeks left in FY’20. There will be business right up until the last minute this year.  Here are three things your company should focus on now to finish strong

1.  Be The Easiest-To-Use Solution:  Make sure your customers know that you’re ready to work with them to help with a Schedule buy, small business set-aside (where applicable), sole-source justification, or are even staying open on weekends to take their call.  Be the problem solver and trusted partner.  Don’t over-promise, but make sure your customer knows you are with them. 

2.  Communicate With Partners:  Just as you should not assume that your federal customer knows how to buy from you, you should not assume that your industry partners remember you.  If you haven’t checked in with them this month, do it today.  One company we know recently followed this advice and now has several more projects in their pipeline.  Your partners have lots of companies that want to do business with them.  Make sure they remember you and how well you can work together. 

3. Be Careful Who You Partner With:  A new opportunity that you haven’t been tracking that suddenly drops into your lap from a company you haven’t worked with could be promising, or it could be trouble.  Scammers, or less-than-scrupulous companies, come of out the woodwork when there is so much potential business to be had in a compressed time frame.  Don’t risk your company’s reputation.  Pick your partners wisely and vet them properly.  Bluebirds are great, so long as they don’t fly into your windshield. 

Remember, also, that there is plenty of business that gets done on October 1st in the form of renewals, leases, rentals, etc.  The new year will start under a CR.  Rest then, business now.