In our on-going quest to ensure that companies are successful in their federal business for FY’21 and beyond, we offer these three tips and reminders.  While they some may sound like common sense, they are not always followed.  Business suffers as a result. 

1.  Don’t Take Your Customer’s Word For It:  Make sure you get any special customer directions in writing.  Even then, directives or interpretations of your contract that are inconsistent with the actual terms and contract clauses are invalid.  More than one contractor has gotten in serious legal trouble for using the “My Customer Said It Was OK” defense.  Always strive to stay compliant and remember that there is such a thing as bad business. 

2.  Don’t Do It All YourselfGovernment business is not a “go it alone” proposition according to every successful contractor we’ve spoken with.  Make sure that you get qualified help when needed, whether its with contracts, market research, legal support or whatever is needed to ensure that your business grows in a sustainable way.  Small business owners:  delegate to your staff.  Don’t fall into the trap of allotting playing time on the White House tennis courts a la Jimmy Carter. 

3.  Do Understand The Impact of the Elections on Your Business:  Election outcomes do matter to government contractors.  Priorities change, even when a president is re-elected. New Congressmen and Senators have differing priorities.  Remember the maxim, “Washington can do things for you and to you”You’ve invested in government business.  Don’t ignore policy changes that can change your market.