Regardless of who wins the election held two weeks from tomorrow, contractors can expect to see only minimal disruption as the deck of appointees and other senior officials inevitably shuffles.  The business of government will still move forward, though companies may see larger, new projects delayed not only due to the operation of government under a Continuing Resolution (CR), but the impact of many “acting” people in temporary jobs.  Acting officials tend to be more risk averse than permanent appointees.  Conversely, work on almost all existing projects will likely continue without a change, unless there is a special political angle that may garner unique oversight.  New people, again regardless of party, will bring in their own ideas.  Similarly, priorities do tend to change every four years.  It wasn’t until well into the second term of President Obama, for example, that Category Management was launched.  This may have an impact on future work, as priorities and people change.  As quickly as contractors might want that to become clear, however, it is important to note that acquisition-related positions tend to be lower priorities than others when new jobs are being handed out.  There will be considerable guidance and information about how and whether government spending priorities will change for FY’22 and beyond coming soon.  Stay tuned.