The likelihood that the Senate will remain in Republican hands increases the chances that this year’s lame-duck Congressional session may result in an omnibus FY’21 appropriations package, as well as a new round of COVID-19 related stimulus money.  Bloomberg Government reports that lawmakers may be in more of a “get it done” mode since sweeping changes were not made to the Congressional landscape during the election.  The White House and Congressional leaders have both publicly stated that they hope to forge a consensus on a nearly $2 trillion stimulus measure.  It is unclear how much of that money would be available for increased government acquisitions, but it is certainly possible that a portion would go toward logistics and healthcare issues and possibly technology-related spending.  On the appropriations side, a final measure could be agreed upon prior to the Christmas recess.  The House has already completed work on all of its spending measures and, while little related legislation has passed the Senate, most committees have more than general frameworks about the spending they would like to see.  This could be good news for contractors and their federal customers.  Individual agency spending accounts may be set by the end of January should an appropriations measure pass by the end of the calendar year.  Nothing is certain, so companies definitely want to watch further developments.  Overall, though, chances for progress this year appear better now than they did a few weeks ago.