Leaders from the Departments of Labor, Transportation, and the Social Security Administration told a Senate committee last week that they see remote working as their new norm, regardless of whether the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.  The list of agencies moving to greater use of telework keeps growing.  Even on the DOD side of government, the Air Force has stated that telework will be the preferred working method of choice for jobs that can be performed remotely.  Remote work is here to stay for feds. That fact has serious implications for contractors.  It will impact not just how you sell, but potentially what.  While remote federal workers will need secure connections, for example, they may not need as many new office chairs.  Don’t forget, either, that not all federal workers will be remote.  Some customers may see little change in operations.  Ultimately, this means that contractors are looking at doing business with a hybrid federal workforce that can best be viewed as a Zen diagram.  Each set of workers will have unique needs, while some will be common to each.  The new reality will mandate the creation of new business strategies for many contractors.  The “how” to sell is obvious and is likely underway at most companies.  The “what” to sell is a question that obviously goes beyond the tactical and could have implications well beyond a firm’s federal business.  Change is here. Adapting to it is essential whether or not we remain masked and socially distant.