Government contractors should be prepared for a more activist acquisition policy agenda from the incoming Biden Administration. While this could mean interest in innovative acquisition practices and increased use of technology, it could also mean new rules.  Either way, the acquisition landscape that currently represents your business is about to change.  Democratic administrations traditionally place more emphasis on government management policy than their Republican colleagues.  This means more ideas from people that likely have substantial experience in their specific area and have specific goals they want to achieve.  Management and acquisition positions also traditionally get filled much earlier.   Experienced officials that can get in the door sooner have more time to implement their agenda.  That can cut both ways for contractors.  While some previous Democratic administration officials have wanted to keep industry at arms-length, most welcome such contact.  That’s the up-side of having officials in place who focus on specific areas others might not.  Such a focus, though, also has a potential down-side.  At least one previous OFPP Administrator, for example, took a very dim view of GSA Schedule Blanket Purchase Agreements.  It took education from inside and outside government to prevent that popular tool from being banished.  Contractors can expect to see names for OFPP and GSA administrator surface soon and it’s a bet that some will be familiar.  Make sure your company is prepared to work with the new team, whether it’s to support a beneficial change, or advise on why other ideas might cause more harm than good.