Although President Biden has nominated people to lead all federal agencies, only one nomination, for Director of National Intelligence, has been voted on by the Senate as of press time.  This leaves all other federal agencies under “acting” control.  While many contractors will hopefully not need to go to an acting agency head to resolve problems, some may.  Further, the names of acting people often point to either the most senior career people, or those who may become permanent appointees.  Either way, these are definitely people worth knowing.  Senior career people, for example, can be great contacts for future ideas and opportunities.  Katy Kale is the acting administrator at the General Services Administration.  Kale has been appointed deputy administrator and will lead the agency until an appointee is confirmed.  She led the Biden GSA transition team and previously served as GSA Chief of Staff during the Obama Administration.  Sonny Hashmi is the new FAS Commissioner at GSA.  He formerly served as GSA CIO.  David Norquist, Deputy Secretary of Defense, is now acting DOD head.  He has held various positions in DOD for about 20 years.  Acting DHS Secretary David Pekoske, normally in charge at TSA, may find himself in that position for the maximum allowable time as at least one Senator has already put a “hold” on the nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas to be permanent DHS Secretary.  Indeed, expect holds and delays on other nominees as well.