Complacency can be part of both our government business lives and our lives overall.  We move from one meeting to the next and then onto the next project.  Routines at home provide comfort, even if they can get old after a while.  Now is no time for complacency.  It is definitely a time to get out of our routines and realize what challenges are facing us, not just as contractors, but as members of larger communities, families, and yes, even nations.  We’re under threat abroad and at home.  When a madman has access to nuclear weapons and there is no easy way to rein him or his country in, that’s a concern.  When other countries, and even some in our own country, praise that madman, the concern comes closer.  Open discussion about the use of “low level” nukes should shake most of us up enough to say, “Wait, what?”  If national security doesn’t catch your attention, how about this?:  Water levels are so low in the west that leaders are expecting unprecedented rolling blackouts this summer as states may literally have to choose between power and drinking water.  Free speech is attacked from both the left and right.  Attempts are well underway by seemingly popular national speakers to divide us along racial lines. If all of this isn’t enough to shake us out of our day-to-day routines and become active in restoring common sense and basic rights, what will?  By the time actual attacks come and people have to move to seek water we will already be behind the curve.  Benjamin Franklin famously replied to a lady of Philadelphia that we have “A republic if we can keep it”.  Well, can we?  Republics don’t exist in perpetuity without proper care.  Just ask the Romans.  It is definitely time to step back from the routine and ensure that we are each engaged in restoring our homes and nations to what they should be.  Then, right after, we can do government procurement