Despite late FY’22 appropriations, many GSA Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) offices already have substantial work.  Some reported traditional fourth-quarter business levels early in the fiscal year.  Current projects, follow-ons, incremental funding, or projects that were on a regional AAS pipeline have the best chance of moving forward now.  Brand new projects, especially those requiring a new procurement, may find tougher sledding.  GSA AAS continues to see an increase in business across nearly all regions, as well as with their FEDSIM office.  This is a reflection of several factors, including the strong business reputation of AAS offices and the overall declining number of federal acquisition officials.  GSA has also seen an uptick in the complexity of AAS projects.  This is particularly true for professional service acquisitions that now make up more AAS work than traditional IT projects.  GSA AAS resources are definitely still available, but customers and contractors must be aware of timelines and AAS capacity.  Each GSA AAS office is being advised to look at net new opportunities for this rest of this year on a case-by-case basis.  Whether or not such projects can be accepted will likely depend on the capacity of a specific office and the time required to conduct the acquisition.  No formal, or informal, cut-off dates have yet been set for the remainder of the fiscal year.  Some regions may issue such notices soon.  It is definitely advisable, therefore, that contractors and their customers submit any new projects as soon as possible.