GSA has issued an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ANPR) seeking input on ways to reduce the use of one-use plastics in the acquisition cycle.  This includes plastic packaging that comes as part of the protection for many products.  While there has apparently been some movement in the commercial market in this area, it is unclear to what extent these changes have been implemented.  As such, GSA contractors should definitely be aware of the ANPR and the potential impact of any future rule that could force them to change the composition of their packaging for GSA products.  This would add costs for commercial item contractors and, in the absence of a commercial standard, be an extra government-only burden.  Comments are due on the ANPR September 6th.  Companies should review the ANPR and seriously contemplate submitting comments to GSA if there are concerns that the rule in this area would drive up costs and become yet another stumbling block to small business participation in the market.  A link to the ANPR is here: