Government contractors, especially GSA companies, should take steps now to ensure that their information technology offerings comply with Section 508 disability access standards.  According to an article on the FedScoop website, a new push is coming from Congress and the Department of Justice to oversee how both agencies and contractors have taken steps to comply with long-established rules mandating that most non “back office” IT be made accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities.  A majority report from Senate Special Committee  on Aging specifically called for GSA, including that agency’s IG, to collect and publish Section 508 compliance information.  This should be a wake-up call to contractors who must routinely self-certify that the IT solutions they provide are accessible.  It may have been some time since contractors reviewed the compliance standards and, like any other area of contract compliance, regular reviews and training are important. It is important to understand that self-certifying is a representation that provided technology does comply.  False Claims Act, and potentially other, penalties can be meted out by federal agencies for those that claim compliance, but don’t actually meet applicable standards.  To be fair to industry, government agencies have gotten lax on Section 508 oversight as well, assuming that contractor self-certifications let them off the hook.  The Majority Staff report, “Unlocking the Virtual Front Door” found that the Department of Veterans Affairs, alone, committed thousands of accessibility violations.  The report noted that the issue of oversight extended to other federal agencies.  Guidance on the standards your tech must meet can be found here:   Now is a great time to ensure that the IT your company provides is compliant and update your contracts as needed.