It may seem silly to some government contractors, especially larger ones with well-established government business, but don’t assume that your potential customers know what you can do for them if you haven’t told them lately.  Government employees are pulled in many directions every day and “out of sight” can very much mean “out of mind”.  Recent anecdotal evidence shows that federal employees can’t even recall hearing the names of some Fortune 500 companies that most people would assume have readily recognizable brand names.  Never assume that potential, or in some cases current, customers know the full breadth of your corporate capabilities.  Regular updates are essential to ensuring that you are telling the story you want them to know.  The same goes for industry partners.  If you’re not telling them all you have to offer no one else is, either.  Indeed, competitors may be controlling the message if your firm isn’t.  It is quite likely that your company has new accomplishments and new solutions to offer since the last time you reached out to customers or partners.  No one will know it unless you tell them.  Remember, too, that the message shouldn’t always be the same for all targets.  Not everyone needs, or wants, a full-color slide deck.  There can be utility from simpler, more concise, outreach.  Highlighting your firm’s capabilities doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  The keys are to ensure that the message is current and effective.  The start of the calendar year is a great time to tell your message in the federal market.  You may be surprised what returns even simple actions can provide.