After over 20 years of trying, GSA announced last week that it is officially reorganizing the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).  Regional offices will now report more to central FAS officials in an effort to streamline operations and make the best use of existing resources.  Regional offices have always had a “dotted line” to the central office, but many acted independently on day-to-day matters.  The impact on contractors will likely be mixed.  Many may not initially notice much of a change as they will continue interacting with the GSA officials with whom they are already working.  It is quite possible, though, that FAS leaders may shift work to different offices over time to better manage workload.  FAS’ Region 2 office in New York, for example, has been short-staffed for some time, slowing action on contract modifications and renewals.  While some contractors may be reluctant to switch offices, others may see improved response times.  The reorganization also won’t likely bring overall consistency in how different offices manage and negotiate Schedule contracts.  That could be a blessing for industry as “consistency” cuts both ways.  For some, it could be translated into “things are worse now for me than they used to be”.  Shifting organizational charts will only have some degree of impact on established behaviors and practices.  The reorganization will also impact FAS assisted acquisition operations.  Though plans for that organization won’t take effect until October, contractors can expect increased centralization and workload balancing here as well.  Contractors should be optimistic about the reorganization overall as, at least on paper, it may bring more efficiency to FAS.  The impact on established relationships, however, cannot be discounted and may cause disruptions during the time of transition.