No matter what market you’re in, being too close to the front lines for too long produces myopia.  Focus is good, but not when it leads to tunnel vision.  You miss changes in your broader market, including new technologies and solutions, if you don’t take time to step back – or even away – from the daily grind.  Numerous studies show that regular time away makes you more productive and successful over time.  Right now is a great time for government contractors to consider this.  Whether it’s a class, industry trade show, or a couple of days at Disney World, time spent away now will give you the rest, knowledge, and capabilities you need during the last 6 months of the federal fiscal year when the federal market heats up.  Don’t succumb to the feeling that the world will cease to rotate if you step back.  Allen Federal particularly keeps in mind the saying attributed to French General Charles DeGaulle: The graveyards are full of men once thought to be indispensable.  Taking a step back now means you’ll be read to jump ahead when it really matters.