We reported recently that the DOD civilian workforce has shrunk and is expected to continue to shrink over the next year, posing challenges for government contractors.  In the meantime, however, the Departments of Justice, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture and others are slated to add 5,000 or more employees each, creating opportunities for government contractors who can support specific missions.  Overall, the federal civilian workforce is expected to see a slight increase from 2014 levels, bringing the government back to 2.1 FTE, a level proximate to 2013.  New hires will bolster healthcare provision, security and anti-terror missions, and more mundane things like logistics support.  On the flip side, the IRS is projected to lose workers.  Regardless of additions or subtractions, however, contractors who can support critical missions have the potential to benefit from these changes. Additional healthcare workers will require the VA to add capability to its healthcare systems.  Aiding the FBI with anti-terror capabilities will also be critical.  While few like paying taxes, the IRS could probably use some outside help with this vital function as disgruntled inside employees leave.  Knowing whether your federal customer is adding or losing people can help you be prepared to offer support no matter where it’s needed.