Week Ahead reader Ch. Sheen writes this week, “My new federal sales rep has been taking our GSA CO to The Palm every Thursday for the past month.  I just found about it today.  Can I brush this under the rug, or should I tell someone and possibly get us all in trouble?”  Sorry, Charlie, you have to “Two and Half Man”-Up here. Your sales person broke the gift rule and that could have an impact on your contract.  As such, it qualifies as the type of event covered under the Mandatory Disclosure rule, which uses a “credible evidence of wrongdoing” standard.  Before you rush out to tell the government, though, call your lawyer first.  He/She will know how to properly guide your company through the process and will make recommendations on how to mitigate current and future problems.  (Hint:  your sales person should now be your former sales person.)  It matters not that the CO should have known better.  People are people, and sometimes a 16 oz. NY Strip, Palm Fries, and cheesecake are just too much for anyone to resist.  What matters is that your sales person should have known better and that now, you, the contractor, are at risk.