It’s not the first quarter, nor the last quarter and your federal business may feel as sluggish as the Washington, D.C. weather.  If so, here are three tips to get it in high gear:  1. Look outside Washington:  Sure, Washington is where lots of federal business is generated.  Nearly every federal installation, no matter where it is, has a warranted contracting officer.  Those CO’s don’t like to put their warrants on the shelf gathering dust.  What’s more, they and their colleagues may not be as jaded from the steady stream of contractors that take up space and time in DC federal buildings.  Go West, or even South or North.  2.  Partner with another contractor:  Most small companies or new market entries think they need to get in front of an agency CIO or other senior official to do government business.  Most companies are wrong.  More firms are better suited to being sub-contractors or suppliers than being primes.  Your federal business may be better generated through another contractor.  Don’t just call them blindly, though.  Make sure you have some legit business to discuss and an idea of how to get it.  3.  Go Non-Traditional:  If you’re a furniture, IT, or even an office supply company that’s looking only at the traditional budgets for your market segment, you’re missing out on business.  Feds buy solutions through non-traditional channels every day.  Furniture?  Think real estate partners.  IT?  Think healthcare, or even supply contracts.  Supply contractor?  Think IT contracts that often include consumables.  Sometimes the opportunity exists outside of your comfort zone.  What’s more uncomfortable, though?  Branching out, or watching your federal business stay stuck in 2nd gear.