First, the Administration makes continual incremental increases in Iraq troop levels. Next, increased NATO investments are made to comfort allies concerned about a new round of Russian adventurism. These two moves may be just representative of other national security and defense shifts, some not publicized, that could result in the re-programming of money this year and expanded opportunities in FY’16. While Congress originally wanted to increase Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) money to keep it “off budget” for sequestration purposes, there’s no reason such money couldn’t actually go to increased overseas contingencies. Contractors that support national defense missions, whether domestically or overseas, should take note of these actions. Money that may have been planned for one project this year, for example, may go instead to Europe. Make sure that year-end project you’re working on will actually be funded. Looking forward, there may be increase logistical opportunities next year. While specific shifting international priorities may be hard to predict, one thing is not: Many is the Administration that has wanted to focus on domestic projects, only to have parts of the world erupt and demand US attention. Be prepared.