The last quarter of the federal fiscal year is upon us and that means prime federal business season. This year’s last quarter could be very good as agencies held back money and now have no sequestration or shut-down prospects to distract them. Here are three things to keep in mind as you pursue business:

1. Socio-economic status matters: Federal agencies have goals to meet AND a lot of procurements to conduct in a short period of time. Year-end is a great time to use small business, 8(a) or other set-asides to quickly get what an agency needs and make its small business use goals. If you don’t have the status your customer is looking for, partner with someone who does.

2. Schedules, MAC’s & GWAC’s, But Not Assisted Services: These standing contracts offer buyers streamlined acquisition processes, good competition, small business availability, and speed. Steer your customer to the vehicles you have. Assisted Services? Great procurement method, but some say it may already be too late for all but smaller buys. Ditto for open market purchases.

3. Remember E-Buy: Federal buyers use E-Buy a lot at federal year-end. Whether it’s a Schedule buy, Alliant, or market research, federal buyers use E-Buy to test the market, get answers to questions, and make fast procurements that meet competition rules. Don’t monitor E-Buy? You ARE losing business. Even if your firm wasn’t originally selected to receive an RFQ, you can win business by monitoring the system and submitting bids on time. Stay focused on what you know and you can take that October cruise you’ve always been dreaming of!