Federal agencies talk a lot about new technology and their desire to obtain new solutions to reduce costs and better meet missions. Even though a lot of buying is conducted on “routine” matters, “new stuff” always gets a lot of attention. Whatever new solution, service, or product your customer wants to see, Fall is the best time of year to get them up to speed.  October and November are when most federal customers have the time and interest to look at new ideas.  Companies can’t assume that their customers will know how a new solution or approach can benefit their agency unless you take the time to show them.  The later it gets in the fiscal year, particularly after appropriations bills kick-in, the more difficult it is to get feds to be interested in whatever breakthrough solution you have that will make their agency life easier.  What do they want to hear?  That depends on the audience.  Believe it or not, some feds really do want to hear about technical specifications and engineering nitty gritty.  Others just want to know how the solution will improve things and, importantly, where it’s been proven to work before they make a buy.  Make sure your firm is ready to go with its 2016 line up as soon as FY 2015 ends.