GSA’s Information Technology Schedule generated nearly $15 billion in sales in FY 2015, an increase of 3% from the previous year and a sign that the status of the Multiple Award Schedule may be on the upswing.  Agencies mostly used the IT 70 Schedule to acquire professional services, perpetual software licenses and hardware.  The two biggest winners were hardware and professional services, collectively seeing a 14% jump in sales.  While other IT programs, generate a lot of press, it would take the combined sales of at least two, and perhaps three, other IT vehicles to match the sales of the IT Schedule.  The numbers show that having an IT Schedule contract continues to be a vital part of any company’s federal IT business plan.  The Schedule has a broad scope allowing for solutions and hardware.  New policy directives from the Office of Management and Budget call on agencies to use the IT Schedule, SEWP and NIH’s CIO CS contract for all desktop and laptop buys.  This will likely further drive IT Schedule hardware sales.  If you’re IT Schedule contract isn’t up to date, it is definitely time for a tune up.