Look, most government contractors aren’t out to rip off the government.  Most people, even many in the IG community, agree to that.  At the same time, however, most companies are in business to do business and may not always take the time to get changes in writing, properly document their contract files, or do other “paperwork” that takes time away from closing business.  We’ll be the first to admit that closing business and getting paid are a lot more fun than filling out forms.  If you don’t fill out the forms, though, your firm may soon find it can no longer close business and, importantly, will no longer be paid.  Think only the big guys get in trouble and that it can’t happen to you?  ER&R Transportation of Rocky Mount, NC isn’t exactly a household name.  Neither are Cannon Design of Buffalo, NY, nor Switzerland’s Supreme Food Service.  All three of these companies have paid False Claims Act fines in the past year, though, and two have former officials who are going to prison. Compliance is the responsibility of every government contractor.  Document your file.  Get change in writing.  Slow down and pay attention to the rules.