There’s a lot in the headlines these days that can distract anyone in business.  Britain is leaving the EU.  Donald Trump has his foot in his mouth so often it could be his shoe.  Closer to home, GSA rules and Supreme Court decisions (see above) have the potential to significantly change how you do business.   Allen Federal offers three simple pieces of advice in these “interesting” times.  

1.  Stay Focused:  Federal business is being done now and through the rest of the fiscal year.  Don’t let side shows distract you from pursuing it.  Contracts people need to do their thing, but so, too, do sales and marketing teams.

2.  Don’t Expect Miracles:  A lot of contractors start swinging for the far-away fences this time of year.  The “one big deal” mentality is certainly tempting.  Also, discussion of innovation can get everyone excited.  The government market is still basically risk-averse, though, and there are plenty of smaller projects that can add up to making your year more successful than one “what if?”.

3.  Don’t Give Up Hope:  Conversely, being too cynical can close you off to that opportunity where the customer really does want innovation.  There are some who do.  Remember, also, that a lot of business is done at the very end of September.  It’s not time freak out yet if you don’t see business on the horizon.  Feds will award business right up till the very last part of FY’16.