It used to be that GSA training classes for industry were few and far-between.  They usually consisted of an unfortunate junior contract specialist being thrust into a class with someone else’s slide deck and not much else.  Similarly, information on what was happening with GSA programs was something less than transparent.  GSA, though, has stepped up actions on both fronts.  Contractors can no longer say that the agency isn’t making a solid effort to train industry on a variety of Schedules-related topics, most recently the implementation of the OLM contract clause.  In addition, the agency is seeking input on their Professional Services Schedule and other planned Schedule changes.  Allen Federal had at least one e-mail a day from GSA in the past week announcing a training class, event, or seeking input from industry.  We’re not that special and we’re not over-subscribed to Interact news lists, either.  The agency is clearly making strides to better communicate with its industry partners.  While not all the agency has to say may find agreement from industry, there can be no credible allegation that it is not making a credible effort to improve communication and transparency.  The end result of these actions is also something all can support:  A Schedules program that better meets the needs of agency customers.