As part of its Section 846 implementation project, GSA is considering an option that would enable certain “GSA Approved” commercial e-commerce providers to handle transactions up to the $250,000 Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT).  This may be important to companies outside the spectrum of those initially concerned about the impact of the Section 846 e-commerce portal project on their Schedule or other government business.  To qualify for the higher dollar level E-commerce portal companies would have to setup controls that would ensure compliance with all applicable rules for SAT procurements.  It is too early to say whether any company would sign up for this deal, but it is important to keep in mind that such a move would possibly mean that all portal buys between the Micro-Purchase threshold and the SAT would be set aside for small businesses.  These transactions are not Schedule sales and, as such, the open market set-aside rule could apply.  In addition, product sales could also be impacted even if they’re part of a larger solution.  Customers excited about using their new e-commerce authority, for example, could decide to buy the product components of their need via a portal and then expect the solution provider to integrate those products into a final solution.  It is clear that the Section 846 project should draw the interest of all GSA Schedule contractors to at least some extent.  The agency is having its second industry day on June 21st and registration is open on the Interact site.