It just got easier for DOD, and other federal agencies, to use GSA procurement vehicles.  Up till now, a DOD customer would have to obtain a written determination that using the contracts of another agency was in its best interest each time it wanted to place an order.  This was a cumbersome process, made worse by the fact that there were no standard guidelines issued by DOD on what needed to go into such a finding, the timing, or other circumstances around which a written determination could be obtained.  GSA changed all of that on September 27th by issuing a class deviation letter, through the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council (CAAC).  The letter sites authority granted by Congress in the FY’18 Defense Authorization bill, specifically Section 875, that removed the best procurement approach determination requirement to use an interagency acquisition that had been in FAR 17.502-l(a).  Agencies now have to make just one blanket determination per contract vehicle, rather than having to obtain a separate determination for each procurement.  There would, for example, only have to be one determination issued for the Navy to use the GSA Schedules program.  A permanent FAR change is underway, but the deviation makes the legislative change effective now.