A maxim in business is that “The customer is always right.”  Companies wouldn’t be in business if they failed to meet customer needs.  There is, though, such a thing as a bad customer, or at least a customer that’s not right for your company.  Too often, companies jump at every opportunity that comes down the line.  This can lead to bad outcomes for your business.  Federal contractors can and should vet their customers just as carefully as the government vets them.  If your company has a specific specialization, but a potential customer wants both that and a whole lot more, you may want to think seriously about whether that project is right for you.  At a minimum, you should think about teaming with another firm.  Customer’s that tie up too much of your bandwidth can prevent you from pursuing other good potential opportunities.  Does your customer want a Cadillac outcome at a Chevy price?  That’s a big problem in government these days.  Make sure you don’t over commit and end up losing money.  Remember, there is such a thing as “bad business”.  Make sure the customer is one worth doing business with and avoid those with known problems before they become a customer of yours.