The Multiple Award Schedules rang up over $35 billion in sales in FY’15.  The Defense Health Agency has scrapped a plan to set up a separate contract and is using the Schedule.  Other customers set up BPA’s and ask for more flexibility nearly every day.  Clearly, someone likes the Schedules program.

Too bad it has to go looking for resources and support internally.  Staffing and training lag. Agency promotion of the program is non-existent.  Worse, it’s actively planning to make the program more burdensome on contractors via the “prices paid” initiative.

Imagine what a properly supported Schedules program could achieve.  A return to “today’s products today (yes, there was a time).  Support for federal customers to ensure they use the program correctly.  A true partnership with industry with an effective dialog, perhaps using the example of the Professional Services Schedule success.  If GSA is serious about meeting its goal of improved customer service, a great place to start is improving its largest acquisition program.