Everyone but Congress has gotten the message:  Consistent, and variable, delays to the start of each fiscal year cause harm to the effective operation of government.  Inability to plan, or spending time planning for contingencies, harms missions, causes delays, and leads to cost overruns.  Congressional leaders are currently discussing the FY’17 appropriations process withleaders hoping to get bills passed in July.  Not everyone is thinking that way, though, and it is quite possible that FY’17 appropriations won’t be final until after the next Congress meets in January 2017.  Industry cannot and should not sit on its hands and merely be an observer.  Making sure Congressional leaders across the ideological spectrum understand the importance of being on-time is everyone’s business.  Industry is in a unique position.  Companies can spell out to Congressmen and Senators the negative economic impact in their district or state of delayed or uncertain appropriations.  Declining employment and economic activity usually resonates with elected officials.  Don’t assume your representative knows you do government business.  Write and tell them how much you rely on it and the jobs it generates in your community.