GSA Schedule teaming agreements can be wonderful things that allow companies to qualify for business they otherwise could not compete for.  Teaming agreements are used in every part of the Schedules program from IT to furniture to services.  It is absolutely critical, though, that your teaming agreement be formal and created with advice of legal counsel.  Recent issues include timeframes for how team members, whose role may be just one part of a big project, will be paid and the legal enforceability of Teaming Agreements.  There are now two court cases on the latter issue that call enforceability into question.  The newer case, A-T Solutions Inc. v. R3 Strategic Support Group Inc., gives rise to the question on whether today’s team member can leave and be a competitor on another team tomorrow. According to a Virginia court, they can.  Despite the risks of informal, fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants “agreements” companies still form teaming alliances without drafting a formal agreement.  This may save time now, but can cost you plenty of time – and money – when inevitable issues develop.  Do not team without an agreement in writing.  See the excellent article on teaming issues, including the recent court cases, here:  CLICK HERE