GSA’s Greater Southwest Region sent a letter to each of its contractors last week urging them to ensure that all products on their Schedule are Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant.  Non-compliant companies risk having their Advantage file deleted and/or contract cancelled. Schedules covered include the popular security schedule, 84, as well as scientific equipment, hospitality furniture, and building materials.  GSA issued the letter in response to “numerous” FOIA requests, almost all of which showed that items challenged under this procedure were non-compliant.  Contractors MUST take TAA compliance seriously.  While contract cancellation is a bad outcome, the government has many additional tools that it can and does use to inflict more pain and suffering on those who flaunt the TAA requirement of their Schedule contracts.  Fines, as well as corporate and personal suspension or debarment, are already frequently used by enforcement officials.  You may lose one or two sales by not being able to offer a non-TAA compliant item through your Schedule, but you will still have a Schedule and a business.