While Congress is not expected to vote on a Continuing Resolution until the week of September 19th, at the earliest, the most likely way forward as of now is for the passage of a measure funding agencies to sometime in December. This approach has become pretty standard as Congress consistently fails to enact appropriations measures on time. There is hope, though, that a final Military Construction bill would be included in the CR, providing those accounts with full year funding and the ability to start new projects as soon as they’re ready.  It is unclear now whether another full-year measure will be ready, or politically acceptable, to be part of the CR.  What happens after December is more uncertain.  The lame-duck session could enact spending measures for the remainder of FY’17, with extra money for pet projects.  Also possible, however, is that the lame duck folks would punt to the new Congress and pass another CR that would last until March.  This would effectively cut the year in half in terms of the time government would have to fund and start new projects.  Stay tuned.